End To Start Again

by Jun 13, 2017EF, US

Long Story Short,

Now I’ve been back home for over a month. I left the US during May the 4th, be with you, and I had landed home on the 5th.

That was a hard day.

Actually, my plane was to land on June 29th, so it was quite early and unexpected. In future posts, I’ll talk about the situation lead me here, but not today.

So here I was, back home, realizing that all my year abroad was gone. But every story has an end, but in life, every end is a new beginning. I’m really cheesy sometimes peeps…

Well, I kept my contact with Rachel from EF (I should talk about her in some post), and she asked me to be one of the ambassadors of the meeting for the new exchange students, Class of 18. I had to go to a meeting and talk about my year, my experiences, all I had to overcome…

Yes, maybe I got sick, I had to leave the US before time, everything felt tragic, but suddenly there was this opportunity waiting for me.

This past Saturday was the day.

The meeting was exciting, but it was nice meeting Rachel in person for the first time after months of emails and messages or seeing Jan, my BFF from this fantastic year abroad, and Bernat again–I met them in the plane Barcelona-NY.

This weekend I met a bunch of new people too. Among all of them, there was some other Ambassadors, new students from the new class of 18 and some of the stuff from EF.

I’m just telling you. If you are doing or thinking of doing a year abroad, don’t think it too much, just fly wherever you want to go and forget about the ending: it will never come.