Why not start today?

by Nov 10, 2017EF, US

Long Story Short,


Yestarday I was sploring the internet when I found myself. Yes, I found and old blog I made while I was in the States. –You should know that I make blogs every once in a while, basically because I really like to design them–. Well, where was I? Yes, I found this cute blog I did a year ago www.yadracma.wordpress.com that has just one post, but this post was so cute and made me smile so much, so this week’s post is right here. Enjoy an Irene from a year ago:


It’s 9:09 pm, November 20th. I can’t sleep, and I thought: why not start today?

And here it is, my first post on my blog.

I wanted to start more than once, but I never felt that was the perfect moment. Probably the ideal moment doesn’t exist.

But let’s start from the begging.

Three months and 17 days ago I took a plane from Barcelona to America. I left everything behind me and I jumped into a different country, a new family, an unusual lifestyle, a new religion. I started my year abroad. I was excited; I was feeling free. For the first time in my life, I was doing something unique. For the first time in my life, I was going to live in a different town, sleep for an extended period in a bed that wasn’t mine, etc.

I started preparing that trip almost a year an a half ago and I remember the question that everyone used to ask me.

Are you afraid to leave your family?

Of course, I was! It’s like, I lived with them all my life, I don’t know what I will do without torture my brother every morning! I was going to miss them a lot.

But the truth is this is one of the things that I experimented less the first months. Up and down, left and right, trying to understand what the hell are all these people saying. There was always something in my head and no time to stop and think.

The day that I arrived, oh God, I was terrified. I wasn’t fluid in English; I couldn’t read a book without a dictionary next to me, I couldn’t do more than introduce myself.

But then, when in Seattle’s airport I saw them, everything changed. A big poster with the words “Welcome to Washington state aka Home!” was waiting for me with all my sweet and lovely host family.

Now, three months and 14 days after that flight (I went to NY 3 days, I will explain that story in the future), now that we are just a month ago from Christmas, that I’m fluid in English enough to write this post. Now that I have the time to realize that I have been here almost a 25% of my year abroad and when I have new friends and stories to explain…

Today, when the confusion makes me stay awake at night, I’m finally prepared to share my exchange story posts.

Sweet dreams. ^3^