Amor en Minúscula

A script adapted from the book by Francesc Miralles
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The project is still a work in progress. The script is not finished, and the following one is the first draft I’ve ever made. The original book is full of notes just like the ones below.

The idea of this work came after reading the book by Francesc Miralles, which I loved. At that time I was obsessed with the book Story by Robert McKee. He doesn’t talk much about adapting into screenplays but when he does he says is remaking all the story because, the most purer the novel or the play is, the worst will be the movie.

The objective of the project was to work on my writing skills without having to create a whole story, at the same time that I had to turn the internal conflict into external actions.

Amor and Minúscula – Original book with notes

The Script