MINIMÚSIC [2011-16]

Minimúsic is a music group a was part of during five years. On March 2o16 we started recording an album with about 11 original songs.


Members: Eudal López // Maria Senabre // Genís Oliver // Alba Esteve // Alex Martín // Irene Queralt  // Ona Solà

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Jazz Choir [2016–17]

When I was living in the States I auditioned for my high school Jazz Choir. These people basically became my family and this experience made me more who I am today. I realized how much I need to sing and I found my passion for musicals and broadway.


Members: My-An Pham // Megan Richardson // Ari Mahler // Lily Riordan // Benjamin Mousseau // Justin Li // Joellie Smarts // Maryam Mohammed // Henry Arendale // Kai Wagner // Dominick Soto // Santi Soza // Ariel Simpson // Irene Queralt // Meena Attringal // Kellen Steckler // Mr King

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This short film was my first one. I made it with my music group. We were in locked down inside my granny’s house for 48 hours 


Cast: Maria Senabre // Alba Esteve // Ona Solà // Sira Sadurní // Alex Martín // Irene Queralt

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