A short movie based on a organized life.
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The first idea of this script came to me in the year 2013 when I was in my 8th grade. The idea was to shot the movie with only teens, no adults. The actors were going to act like they were adults all the time.

I created this world where everything is grey and organized until this man discovers the colors and the chaos. Everything was going to be shot without words but with sound, the only thing was that no one was going to say a word.

The first image I remember was an elevator with a few people inside, the sound of the elevator music and everyone quite and still. This shot was going to evolve during the story for our hero to end up humming and dancing the elevator song.

The years went by and the story was in standby but suddenly I found myself in El Plató de Cinema with an assignment: 2 camera movements, 3-4 minutes and no sound. I didn’t know what to do so I found my ideas notebook and I started to work on this old project and the result was pretty good and David Larraz liked it so it did what it had to do.

The First Idea

My Notebook – Storyboard

The Middle Result

The project doesn’t end here. The attached page is the corrections of my assignment we made in class. Lately, I’ve been working on a new design of the short movie, using the corrections and adding new ideas, but this time without using actors, this time with stop motion. Here is the second design of the main character.

Character Design

Class Corrections