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The project is still a work in progress. I started working on it when I was living in the Seattle last year, it was my first script in English. I do not know the origin of the idea, I just remember writing it down. It just came.

Peter Pan is a character I enjoy, a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. He’s the opposite of me, I always wanted to grow up to be self-sufficient and make my mistake and successes my own. Somehow Neverland, Peter Pan, the lost children and all the stories around this book fascinates me.

When I was first creating the script I had this obsession with Wong Fu Productions, a team in youtube who creates this cute short stories about love and life, normally short monologs. The script is strongly inspired by their style. 

In my character design, I wanted to create a Wendy who you cannot tell it’s Wendy until I want you to know. But at the same time I want you to say: Yes, she is Wendy, how I did not see it before?

If everything goes accord to the plan Wendy is soposed to be played by Laura Felgueras.

My Notebook

Character Design (or a beginning of it)

The Script