My morning with a white rabbit

A script based on the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol
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The project is still a work in progress. It started screenplay classes with David Pascual in el Plató de Cinema during the school year of 2016. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories as it has so many differents 

First idea – Screenwritting class

My Notebook

The Script – 1st Draft

The Script – 2nd Draft

The Script – 3rd Draft (As you can see there are two different types of notes. The blue ones are directly from class; the second ones are from after using the recording a made of the session. As you can see, there are numbers written all over the pages according to the second we said something I decided was essential to revise later.)

The Script – 4th Draft (The revisions in this one were made during this school year after I came back from the states. The script was on standby for a year and a half. The time between revisions gave me time to almost forget the script giving me a clear and new look to the pages.)

The Script – 5th Draft (This doesn’t look like a standard script because it is not. After revising the story as we can see in draft 4th, I decided to turn it around. A translated the story to English with the only objective to rethink the dialogs without having the dilemma of being attached to any line. This script is just a way to reorganize every idea of the story.)

Index Cards – Chronology